Pan Idraet sign the 2018 EGLSF AGA contract

Copenhagen April 1st 2017

The EGLSF co-president, Paul Brummitt, and Pan Idraet Chairman, Christian Bigom, signed the EGLSF AGA 2018 contract earlier on today during the Pan Idraet annual general assembly in Copenhagen. The ceremony was watched by the members of Pan Idraet, who are very looking forward to welcoming the EGLSF delegates to next years AGA.

Pan Idraet was the successful bidding organisation who presented their bid during the EGLSF AGA which was recently held in Dusseldorf, Germany. You can read the bid here.

Pan Idræt is the joint name for the two sports clubs called Pan Idræt Copenhagen and Pan Idræt [...]

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Pictures EGLSF AGA 2015 online

All the pictures of the 26th EGLSF Annual General Assembly in Krakow, Poland March 7-8, 2015 are on our Facebook page now. Don't forget to tag yourself and your friends. Check out the links!

Gender & Sexual diversity conference
City hall reception

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AGA 2015: The way forward

The EGLSF would like to say “Djękuję!” to our member club KKS for hosting our AGA on the 7th & 8th of March. We would also like to congratulate them on the very successful conference on “Gender and Sexual Diversity in Sport” which was held on March 6th. It was a pleasure to be part of the first ever LGBTI sporting event in Poland, and thank you for the great photos.
During the two days of the assembly, many topics and motions were discussed and passed. One of these motions, presented by the Diversity Committee, regarded the use of sexual orientations [...]

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AGA Papers available

As every year, one month previous to our assembly, the Board is happy to present you the AGA papers for Krakow. There could be some modifications in terms of candidates (both for positions or hosting cities) so this doc will be updated if necessary and a final version will be sent out just before we start our general meeting.

Do not hesitate to contact us if necessary. We are looking forward to meeting you all again in Poland,

The Board of EGLSF

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Save the date: AGA 2015 on 7-8 March, Krakow

EGLSF  is looking forward to meeting you all in Krakow, Poland, at our next Annual General Assembly. Please remember the dates, Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th March for the AGA, and we would like you all to be present on Friday 6th at the “Gender and Sexual Diversity in Sport” conference, organized by Krakersy, our member from Krakow who is also responsible for the assembly. Check out the AGA 2015 site, more info on registration will follow soon . You can already pre-RSVP on our Facebook event page

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