EuroGames,  is an European multi-sport event governed by the EGLSF  (European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation). It is the largest multi-sport event for athletes, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation in Europe. Hosts of all our EuroGames events are listed on our history page.

Goals Of EuroGames

Once a year the EGLSF celebrates a huge European gay sport event: EuroGames - the European Gay & Lesbian Championships. Besides offering a high-quality sport event to the LGBTIQ sports community, EGLSF wishes to promote the following goals, also through the EuroGames:

  • fight against discrimination in sport on grounds of sexual preference or orientation
  • stimulate integration in sport and emancipation of LGBTIQ athletes
  • enable and support the coming out of LGBTIQ athletes
  • support the founding of new LGBTIQ groups

No discrimination

The EuroGames are open to everyone who wishes to participate, regardless of gender, age, race, gender identity or sexual orientation. It is an open event, while still being mindful of the feasibility of organising sports for certain groups and the organisational capacity of the host (organising committee).


In past EuroGames, participants from all areas of Europe, and even outside Europe, participated in this unique event. However, to ensure that as many Europeans as possible can take part in this event, participants from outside Europe are put on a waiting list until registration has closed. These people can join the competitions that are not yet full.


Every year, the EGLSF calls for candidates to host the EuroGames two years later (to allow sufficient time to organise the event). Candidates must be EGLSF members and have experience with organising sport events. At the Annual General Assembly (March), the decision is taken by the membership of the EGLSF which candidate will be the host to the EuroGames.

Directory of Sports Specialists

The EGLSF is always striving to improve the experience of participants who enter the EuroGames. As part of this strategy we have gathered the finest sports men and women who have generously offered their time and expertise to help the organising club or committee of the EuroGames.

The EuroGames give organising committees the opportunity to ”come alive” and showcase their activities or sporting events in the community. Sporting events are an important part of our community life and it is a rewarding experience to contribute to a successful EuroGames.

Organising such a large multi-sport event can be a daunting task but with the help of our experts we hope that each EuroGames is planned, prepared and implemented to the highest standard.

All our sports specialists have a wealth of experience in organising sporting tournaments, on a European level and most often also at an international level.

The aim of this alliance is to ensure that the EuroGames goes from strength to strength and that everyone involved has the necessary assistance from these experts.

Each specialist can advise on venues, scheduling, required amenities, rules and regulations in their chosen field.

We would like to thank all our sport specialists for assisting us in ensuring the continued success of the EuroGames.

Download Directory of Sports Specialists

[December 2015]

EuroGames Hymn – We Are Leaving

The organisers of the 1996 Berlin EuroGames were so kind to present the EGLSF with an official hymn (anthem) for the EuroGames. This hymn is called 'We are leaving (Overture)' and performed by the Swedish group Polaris. Download MP3