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New EGLSF logo

We are very excited to present the new EGLSF logo! EGLSF was founded over 30 years ago and the logo has been with us since then. A different time, when our sole focus was the EuroGames event and our community centered on gay and lesbian participation. As times have changed, so has our community, and the EGLSF focus has diversified along with the visibility in our community.  While EuroGames is still central to ELGSF commitment to the LGBTQI sporting community, we have taken on a larger advocacy role. We believe that the new [...]

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+PLUSS Kickoff

+PLUSS, the new Erasmus+ project led by EGLSF, was recently launched through an online kick-off meeting on June 12, 2023 aiming to promote inclusion and combat discrimination in European grassroots sport. The project primarily focuses in enhancing the inclusion and participation of athletes with diverse sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, and sex characteristics, and it brings together European partners such as the German Sport University of Koln, the International Centre of Ethic in Sports and 6 LGBTQI+ sport clubs (the Croatian “Queer Sport Split”, the [...]

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The Big Conversations

EGLSF are announcing a new series of online conversations to talk about some of the big issues that we’d like to hear members' views on. The online series will be open to anyone from member clubs who want to contribute, not only appointed representatives.   Our first 3 events are as follows, and you can sign up to attend any of them now:   Will there ever be another EuroGames in Central or Eastern Europe?   Wednesday 23rd August 1830-2000 CET EGLSF are announcing a new series of online conversations to [...]

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Margaret Court controversy

EGLSF have followed the controversy surrounding the acknowledgement of Margaret Court’s tennis achievements. Successful sportspeople are role models and to have them vilify entire communities, as Margaret Court has done to the LGBTQI+ community, is extremely damaging. Her comments make LGBTQI+ people unwelcome, and suggest they have fewer human rights – such as access to sport – or at best, presumably should only be allowed to participate if they hide who they are. This is against everything the EGLSF stands for, LGBTIQ+ tennis players, fans and communities deserve better. Tennis Australia is in a difficult position, and have handled the [...]

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EGLSF at Women’s World Cup Football Diversity House

EGLSF hosted two events at the Diversity House in Paris – set up by the Fare network in Paris for the FIFA Women's World Cup. The first of these events was a panel discussion that explored how LGBT sports clubs and organisations provide a ground for empowering women through sport, and the subjects of homophobia and sexism in sport. Panelists Pascale Reinteau, co-president of the newly established foundation FIER and co-president of Paris 2018 Gay Games, co-president of Les Degommeuses football club Marine Rome, and Annette Wachter, co-president of EGLSF presented their organisations and the roles, activities, and participation of [...]