Participate in a unique survey about how LBTI+ women take part in physical activity & sport


The overall objective of the project WSRO LBTI+ Women in Sport: Research & Outcomes is to start creating research data to reflect the situation regarding participation and visibility of LBTI+ women in sport, as individuals, and through their participation in mainstream and in LGTBIQ+ sports organisations, promoting equality and European values in and through sport by highlighting the needs, barriers, and challenges that they are presented with. While there is a certain focus on addressing homophobia in sport, discrimination, and violence against LBTI+ women is left largely unaddressed.

The project consortium comprises 4 organisations including Valencia University, recognised for its research into LGBTQI+ and gender equality issues, 2 local grassroots sport clubs from France and Germany and EGLSF, who represent LGBTQI+ in Europe. All organisations are dedicated to inclusion and diversity, and gender equality issues, recognise the distant lack of research available on the participation and visibility of LBTI+ women in sport and are eager to take steps to remedy this with this project by conducting qualitative and quantitively research.

The research report resulting from this project will offer the European sports community valuable insight into how to make both LGBTQI+ and mainstream clubs and sport organisations more diverse, welcoming and sustainable by understanding how they can address LBTI women with true offers of participation and engagement. And by taking their lived experiences and needs into consideration  here is a chance of a real offer to LBTI women for a pathway to sport participation and leadership, as well as the fulfilment of a European mandate to address barriers to participation to a HealthyLifestyle4All.

  • Read about the Kick Off meeting of the project HERE