Here's a collection of materials of different campaigns we've been running or taking part in since April 2021. Take a look, and perhaps you'll find something that you could utilize in your organisation.




#Black Lives Matter Survey 

2021 May

#BLM - a hashtag long before it became a full-fledged movement last year, the BlackLivesMatter movement shook the world in 2020 and has hopefully helped to change a small part of it.

The global response to incidences of structural racism that ignited the #BlackLivesMatter movement provoked EGLSF to look at the implications for the LGBTIQ+ sport movement. Our starting point was to ask whether your clubs engaged with Black Lives Matter, and to look at QIPOC representation and action within our clubs. As part of a small grant from the @farenetwork, we prepared a short research questionnaire which was sent to member clubs and other LGBTQI+ sport organisations in Europe. The results are now gathered, analysed and presented to you here.

Link to download survey results