EGLSF Advocacy Awards

We're thrilled to announce the return of the Advocacy Awards!  This prestigious honor recognizes two individuals whose actions have positively impacted the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, and non-binary Sports movement. It's our chance to express gratitude for their invaluable contributions. Who can receive the award? An individual member of an EGLSF-member club A member of a current EuroGames organising committee An LGBTIQ+ athlete (e.g., Demi Schuurs) An ally-athlete advocating for LGBTQ+ rights in sports (e.g., Lewis Hamilton, Formula One) A supporter of LGBTIQ+ rights in sports (non-athlete) If you're [...]

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MESIS CBS in Lisbon: learning the Outsport method

MESIS: Coaches and PE teachers in Lisbon concluding the training phase on the Outsport method From April 10th to April 13th, more than 25 people from different countries dove into workshops and physical activities based on Education Through Sport (ETS) and the Outsport method. The last  MESIS Capacity Building Session took place in Lisbon, organised by MESIS partner GCP - Ginásio Clube Português. Just like it happened in Rome and  Ljubljana, coaches, PE teachers, youth workers, trainers, observers (job-shadowing trainers), volunteers and staff members attended a 4-day learning session full of [...]

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PLUSS – First results achieved and publication of content of the capacity building On April 30th, EGLSF and its European partners of the Erasmus+ Sport project  +PLUSS “LGBTQI+ Policy and Leadership in Sport and Society” met online for a partnership meeting that served, in addition to planning the next activities, to conclude the phase of site visits and capacity building on the 4 strategic areas for development of its member bodies (membership, advocacy, events and governance). 34 persons from EGLSF and its European partners (the Croatian “Queer Sport Split”, the Belgium [...]

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EGLSF participates at the European summit on Gender Equality and Diversity in sport held in Brussels

EGLSF participated at the European Summit on Gender Equality and Diversity in Sport, which was held in Brussels on 18 April 2024, organised by the ENGSO member Opes International within the framework of the project Sport and Equality which is co-founded by European Commission. The objective of the meeting was to join forces towards improving Equality and Diversity in sport, design a shared plan and coordinate the joint efforts during 2024, gathering all major European sport stakeholders committed to improving equality in sport: the Sport Unit of the European Commission, Council of [...]

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MESIS: Coaches and PE teachers in Ljubljana for the Outsport method

EGLSF was present as an observer and participated in leading the training during the MESIS project capacity building session in Ljubljana, Slovenija from 21-24 March 2024. Physical education teachers, educators, coaches, selected from 4 different countries spent 3 days together learning how to integrate a human rights approach to sport, focusing in education through sport, via practical activities and theoretical presentations. Frisbee and basketball activities were used to convey different active approaches to sport concentrating on the principle of inclusion. At the end of the training session, participants were able to use theoretical and practical [...]

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