International Working Group on Women and Sport

The story of the International Working Group on Women and Sport (IWG) began in 1994 with the first World Conference on Women and Sport in Brighton, UK and the debut of the Brighton Declaration on Women and Sport. Chapter by chapter our story has continued with the help of thousands of dedicated women and men the world over to achieve the IWG’s mission: Empowering women – Advancing sport. Today, more than 400 organizations worldwide have signed the Brighton Declaration.

Brighton Declaration on Women and Sport

To date, 419 organizations worldwide have been moved to endorse the Brighton Declaration on Women and Sport.

Endorsing the Declaration is an excellent way to affirm the organization's commitment to gender equality and also signals an appreciation for the ten principles set forth by the Declaration. The Declaration is meant to complement all sporting, local, national and international charters, laws, codes, rules and regulations relating to women or sport.

On March 1st, EGLSF endorsed the declaration and became 1st LGBT sport body to endorse Brighton Declaration on Women and Sport.

By endorsing the Brighton Declaration on Women and Sport (1994) which aims to develop a sports culture than enables and values the full involvement of women in every aspect of sport, the EGLSF Board wants to pursue its reflection and efforts in fighting against all forms of discriminations, stereotyping, sexism,homo/lesbo/bi/transphobia in sport, as part of a more general effort in the fight against all forms of discriminations in sport; encouraging women and lesbians participation in governing bodies and participation in LGBT sport clubs and EuroGames, through specific actions to support active networking and sociability, promoting gender balance while not being afraid to organise specific sport events or create special spaces for women; and activating acknowledgement of the importance of gender equality and dedication towards achievement of a consistent, step by step policy in this direction.

Brighton Decleration