European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF) carries out several activities; generally (but not limited) in the fields of:

  • organising sports events - EuroGames;
  • hosting and participating in human rights conferences;
  • managing information resource websites and social media;
  • carrying out special (EU) projects, focusing on human rights in and through sport;
  • pursuing advocacy and activism work;
  • supporting our member organisations throughout Europe;
  • cooperating with partner organisations, institutions and other stakeholders.


EuroGamesThe idea of organizing EuroGames was born after the second Gay Games in San Francisco 1986. The first EuroGames took place in The Hague in 1992, and the last EuroGames were held in 2012 in Budapest, Hungary as the 14th edition. The annual general assembly of the EGLSF decides which bidding club or city is going to organize the EuroGames, and in order to make it possible for smaller cities to arrange such games, EuroGames are organised as either "big" or “small”, i.e. the number of sports offered is limited (usually alternates). Visit the EuroGames website for more history and information.

Human rights conferences

Bringing together experts from different fields, educating and raising awareness, sharing best practices, enabling networking and advocating human rights is also one of the activities of EGLSF, and this is often done by organising or participating in various human rights conferences, workshops, trainings, study sessions and other educational events.
Past conferences

Info websites and social media

As a network of sports groups, we focus on their needs, and also offer services to individual athletes in Europe. You can check out our sports calendar and add your event or tournament so that others can see what you are up to!

  • Sports News, Events & Links
    We publish current news plus a calendar of all scheduled events in Europe. If you check out the online version, you will also find events outside Europe.

EGLSF is also present on Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube (and we are also exploring others).

EGLSF Advocacy Work Against Discrimination

In order to abolish discrimination against LGBT people in sports EGLSF is doing lobby work within the Council of Europe. As an official NGO we enjoy participatory status with the CoE. Other examples of advocay work: