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EuroGames Stockholm 2015 can now present parts of the political programme that will be held at Kulturhuset in Stockholm between August 6th to 8 in 2015. The programme includes fifteen exciting items, consisting of lectures, speeches and panel conversations with participants that will include the Puerto Rican professional boxer Orlando Cruz, the former long jumper and sprinter Peter Häggström and Sweden's Minister for Health Care, Public Health and Sport Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, Gabriel Wikström. Within these, questions concerning heteronormativity and resistance in sports will be raised. EuroGames Stockholm 2015 is held between August 5th – August 9th [...]

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Thomas Hitzlsperger, Nilla Fischer and Victoria Sandell Svensson are official ambassadors for EuroGames Stockholm in 2015

THE FOOTBALL STARS THOMAS HITZLSPERGER, NILLA FISCHER AND VICTORIA SANDELL SVENSSON ARE OFFICIAL AMBASSADORS FOR EUROGAMES STOCKHOLM 2015 The German Football Star Thomas Hitzlsperger, the Swedish National Football Team player Nilla Fischer and the former professional football player Victoria Sandell Svensson are proud ambassadors for EuroGames Stockholm in 2015. Previously announced Ambassadors are the actress and transgender activist Aleksa Lundberg, the Swedish politician Birgitta Ohlsson, the Artist Lars Lerin and The Swedish National Handball player Tobias Karlsson. EuroGames Stockholm 2015 is held between August 5th – 9th 2015. - It's a great honor for me to be an Ambassador for [...]

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Outreach information EuroGames Stockholm

EuroGames Stockholm 2015 will offer an extensive outreach programme. To provide the maximum number of people for outreach the programme foremost will include possibility of free registration fee and accomondation in dormitory. There will also be a few that receive additional travel grant and/or hosted housing or hotel accommodation. The travel grant is a fixed number for each country. The selection process will focus on geographical areas, gender/sexual/age equality as well as over all financial situation of are of residence. The regulation can be found in our Terms & Conditions section. Interest for outreach is to be performed no later [...]

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EuroGames early bird registration closes at 31/12

Welcome to EuroGames Stockholm 2015 - the largest pro lgbtq sport, cultural and political event of 2015 - engage in 30 sports, explore cultural exhibitions and empower yourself in a gigantic manifest for equal rights within sport, culture and politics! The EuroGames Stockholm 2015 early bird registration closes at midnight 31/12. Register now for € 65 and participate in this wonderful championship. The fee goes up to € 85 at 1/1 2015. Register at See you in Stockholm next year!

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EuroGames Stockholm announces Birgitta Ohlsson and Tobias Karlsson as official ambassadors

The Swedish politician and Minister for European Union Affairs, Birgitta Ohlsson and the Swedish handball player and Team Captain Tobias Karlsson, have been appointed official ambassadors for EuroGames Stockholm 2015. Several ambassadors within sports, culture and politics will be announced before the event takes place on August 5th to August 9th 2015. - Politics and sport are intertwined. We saw the horrific abuses against homosexuals taking place in a militarily aggressive Russia during the Winter Olympics. Historically, also Germany in 1936, the Soviet Union in 1980, and China in 2008, used the sheen of the Olympics as a display window [...]

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