Copenhagen April 1st 2017

The EGLSF co-president, Paul Brummitt, and Pan Idraet Chairman, Christian Bigom, signed the EGLSF AGA 2018 contract earlier on today during the Pan Idraet annual general assembly in Copenhagen. The ceremony was watched by the members of Pan Idraet, who are very looking forward to welcoming the EGLSF delegates to next years AGA.

Pan Idraet was the successful bidding organisation who presented their bid during the EGLSF AGA which was recently held in Dusseldorf, Germany. You can read the bid here.


Pan Idræt is the joint name for the two sports clubs called Pan Idræt Copenhagen and Pan Idræt Frederiksberg, which together have over 25 different sports activities and sections. We have activities in the City of Copenhagen and the City of Frederiksberg, and together we have over 800 members.


We focus on creating an inclusive and safe space for sport and on building strong social relationships – and we know from our members that we are experts at that. We are also proud of the fact that others agree with us – our membership numbers rise around 4% a year. Do you want to know more about our vision and what we want to achieve? Read more here.

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