Welcome Discover Football

Welcome to our newest member ‘Discover Football from Berlin, Germany’.

DISCOVER FOOTBALL is an initiative of Fußball und Begegnung e.V., a Berlin-based NGO that advocates for a world in which girls and women can do sports without being discriminated against.

DISCOVER FOOTBALL was founded in 2009 by committed football enthusiasts who use sports as a tool to empower girls and women and to promote intercultural understanding. Through international exchanges, women´s football conferences and tournaments women and girls build capacities, share knowledge, gain mobility and agency, thereby empowering themselves. Our non-profit organization relies largely on the voluntary work of 15-20 women, making it […]

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Uitnodiging Meet & Greet in Amsterdam op 25 juli

Een aantal keer per jaar komt het EGLSF bestuur bij elkaar om te vergaderen. De laatste keer in Nederland is alweer bijna 2 jaar geleden tijdens de internationale conferentie over ‘Homophobia in Sport’ in Utrecht. In het weekend van 25-27 juli vergaderen we wederom in Nederland, in Amsterdam deze keer en worden we gehost door zwemverening Upstream. Naaste de reguliere zaken zal een groot gedeelte van de vergadering in het teken staan van de strategie van de EGLSF, waar gaan we heen richting 2020?

Naast belangrijke zaken is er ook tijd voor ontspanning. Op vrijdag 25 juli organiseren we namelijk een […]

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Next AGA: Kraków, Poland

KKS Krakersy was elected to host EGLSF’s annual general assembly next year. Kraków is known for World Heritage (Unesco, 1978) and headquarters one of the most active lgbt sports clubs in Eastern Europe. We are already looking forward to meeting you all there! 

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Committees of the EGLSF

During the AGA 2014, the general assembly established two more committees: the Legal Advice & Youth committee. EGLSF has now, together with the two already existing ones –Diversity and EuroGames 2012 Audit–, four committees with the following members:

Legal Advice Committee (
Lou Manders (John Blankenstein Foundation), Johan van Ven (Honorary member), Anya Wiersma (GUTS).
Liaison Board member: Tim van Hoydonck
Youth Committee (
Lovro Centrih (Out in Slovenija), Patryk Śledziński (Volup), Janis Koeppel (Seitenwechsel)
Liaison Board member: Dániel Waliduda
Diversity Committee (
Željko Blaće (qSport), Inge Jansen (Ketelbinkie), Conny Kempe-Schälicke (Seitenwechsel).
Liaison Board member: Annette Wachter
EuroGames 2012 Audit Committee:
Edwin Westenberg (Ketelbinkie), Juha Meronen (Hot Helsinki), Marius Weiland (Upstream).
Liaison […]

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  • Board in 2013

New EGLSF Board

After the elections at this year’s eventful Annual General Assembly, the board of the EGLSF is composed of the following seven members:

Male Co-President: Klaus Heusslein (Germany/Italy)
Treasurer: Tim Van Hoydonck (Belgium)
General Secretary: Annette Wachter (Germany)
Board members at large: Tamara Tien (The Netherlands), Jon Landa (Spain/Italy), Dániel Waliduda (Hungary) and Christiana Daneva (Bulgaria).

EGLSF welcomes Christiana to the board and thanks Armelle Mazé (former female Co-President) for her contribution and hard work in the past years.

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