In every AGA, there will be elections for board positions; in 2015, we will have to elect:

  • female co-president
  • male co-president
  • secretary general
  • two board member positions at large, from which at least one of them will be female, but there could be even two depending on the candidates (and further elected as it) for secretary general.

In case you or any members in your club are interested and would like to stand for election to any of the above mentioned positions, please email Annette Wachter, our general secretary, indicating the post you would like to run for and enclosing a brief résumé and a letter of intention (maximum one page A4 format), preferably before the end of January (so we can enclose the biddings in the AGA papers). For any question regarding the board, the tasks, etc., do not hesitate to contact Jon Landa.

Please note that potential candidates must have been a member of an EGLSF member club for at least one year.