EGLSF AGA Hosts announcement – results

The Board is happy to announce that after the e-voting developed during August, the virtual assembly has decided that the next AGA, in which EGLSF will celebrate its 25th anniversary, will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, hosted by our friends from Out in Slovenia.

Their bidding received the 47,1% of votes and members preferred it above the other two great proposals, delivered by FriGo (from Budapest) and Panteres Grogues (from Barcelona). The Board would like to thank both organizations for willing to host the AGA and to celebrate our anniversary in their cities.

It is time for the Board to start preparations [...]

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Three member clubs are bidding to host the AGA 2014

We are pleased to announce that three member clubs will run for hosting the AGA in 2014 and the international conference Building Bridges IV, organized in occasion of our 25th anniversary.

The bidding organizations
All bidding committees prepared a bidbook that you can download or view online (click on the links); you can also check all the important data checking our comparison sheet.

These bidding organizations, in alphabetical order by their cities, are the following:

Barcelona, Spain, hosted by Panteres Grogues
Budapest, Hungary hosted by FriGo
Ljubljana, Slovenia hosted by Out in Slovenia

From the board, we want to thank all the bidding committees for their tremendous [...]

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Future collaboration between FGG and GLISA

This weekend’s European Gay and Lesbian Sports Federation Annual General Assembly, held in Manchester, UK was infused with a sense of history from the start. The meeting of sports clubs from throughout our continent saw delegates from Eastern (Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria), Southern (Spain, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia), Northern (Finland, Denmark), Central (Poland, Hungary, Germany) and Western (France, Belgium, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland) Europe. The weekend began with a reception in the Manchester Museum, built in 1867, and continued with an personal welcome of all delegates by the Mayor of Manchester in the City’s beautifully ornate neo gothic Town Hall. A [...]

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