During the AGA 2014, the general assembly established two more committees: the Legal Advice & Youth committee. EGLSF has now, together with the two already existing ones –Diversity and EuroGames 2012 Audit–, four committees with the following members:

  • Legal Advice Committee (legal-advisory@eglsf.info):
    Lou Manders (John Blankenstein Foundation), Johan van Ven (Honorary member), Anya Wiersma (GUTS).
    Liaison Board member: Tim van Hoydonck
  • Youth Committee (youth@eglsf.info):
    Lovro Centrih (Out in Slovenija), Patryk Śledziński (Volup), Janis Koeppel (Seitenwechsel)
    Liaison Board member: Dániel Waliduda
  • Diversity Committee (diversity@eglsf.info):
    Željko Blaće (qSport), Inge Jansen (Ketelbinkie), Conny Kempe-Schälicke (Seitenwechsel).
    Liaison Board member: Annette Wachter
  • EuroGames 2012 Audit Committee:
    Edwin Westenberg (Ketelbinkie), Juha Meronen (Hot Helsinki), Marius Weiland (Upstream).
    Liaison Board member: Tim van Hoydonck

The Legal Advice Committee will help the board with legal issues.

The Diversity Committee has the following tasks:
to develope strategies and policies on diversity with a first emphasis on gender for the EGLSF
to support and advice the EGLSF board with the monitoring on diversity of current EuroGames bids and including diversity elements to the EuroGames bidding manual and contracts
to follow up on the idea of TIQ inclusion to EGLSF

The Youth Committee will work on the development of ideas to activate young people to engage in the EGLSF.

The EuroGames 2012 Audit Committee is auditing the financial statement and balance sheet of the organizers of the EuroGames 2012 to advice the EGLSF's general assembly to waiver or not the license fee for the EuroGames 2012