Media Release

Hudson announced as event sponsors

For release Friday 11th December

Hudson has been announced today as a sponsor of the outreach programme for The European Gay and Lesbian Sports Federation Annual General Assembly 2016.

Around 80 LGBTI sports activists from countries across Europe will come to Glasgow in March 2016 for this annual event which is being hosted in Scotland for the first time ever. Outreach is an essential part of the programme which supports activists from many countries where economic barriers might otherwise prevent them from attending. This is particularly necessary as the fight for equality can still be at very different social and political stages in such areas.


Jon Landa of EGLSF welcomed the news by saying ‘It’s very important that as a European wide movement we hear the voices and views of the LGBT sports community in every corner of Europe, and that’s why it’s so important to have organisations like Hudson understand this and support the work’.

Sean Brown of Hudson said ‘ “At Hudson we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to realise their full potential, irrespective of background, race, gender or sexual orientation. That’s why we’re delighted to be involved in a project that supports outreach in the LGBT sporting community”

The Assembly will be hosted in Glasgow from 4th – 6th March 2016.