Dear EGLSF members, Delegates and Friends,

It’s been over 2 weeks since the 2024 EGLSF AGA was held in Antwerp, Belgium.

We would like to thank our hosts Way to EuroGames Antwerp and JADA Events for holding such a magnificent event, extending our congratulations to all volunteers and staff for providing an excellent setting for our meetings.

EGLSF Members Gathering, March 1st

The AGA weekend started right on point with the EGLSF Members Gathering event on Friday March 1st.

It was an opportunity for everyone to come together. For some Delegates, an excuse to seeing familiar faces, and for others a chance to meet in-person for the first time, connect and network. The goal was to get to know each other before the AGA weekend and discuss some other topics related to EGLSF and the EuroGames.

The day continued with an excellent city tour that took on a large group of EGLSF members to discovering the beautiful city of Antwerp, the port and the surroundings.

As the tour concluded, the official visit to the City Hall to place, welcomed by Jan de Wieuw (host AGA 2024 EGLSF), the Deputy Mayor of Tourism Koen Kennis and the Deputy Mayor of Sport Peter Wouters.

EGLSF AGA Day 1, March 2nd

The Annual General Assembly officially started on Saturday March 2nd, in what would be a long, yet successful day full of meetings, workshops, voting, reports, and some very much needed coffee breaks in between.

Some of the main discussions went on the motions, resulting in the approval of all 5 motions with big rounds of applauses:

  • Motion1: Bylaws changes
  • Motion 2: Equal Gender Representation on the Board Amendment
  • Motion 3: EG-Funds Amendment
  • Motion 4: Vary bidding for EuroGames 2028
  • Motion 5: Hostcities AGA EuroGames

In the plenary session we had top level presentations by both of the EuroGames bidding teams, Cardiff and Munich, to host the EuroGames in 2027.

Their presentations were followed by a Meet&Greet to get to know better the team members and their proposals in a “drop for a chat” style.

The day continued with the board candidates presentations, the EGLSF Year Plan and Budget, as well as the official report from the EuroGames Bern 2023 that showcased the impact and legacy behind the EuroGames in the city of Bern and Switzerland.

After the first AGA day, we made our way into a dinner celebration at a LGBTIQ+ hot-spot in Antwerp, the classic bar/restaurant Bonaparte. It was a perfect time to gather for some Belgium food and dance the night away to some old vs new hits.

The second and last day of the Annual General Assembly took place on Sunday March 3rd, welcomed as usual by EGLSF co-presidents and AGA Co-chairs, as they dived right into the final voting for the pending topics.

  • The new EGLSF Board in 2024 that consists of:
    • Hugh Torrance, co-president, from LEAP Sports, Scotland
      • *There were no candidates for the female co-president’s position
    • Marcel Kreissig, treasurer, associate member of the EGLSF, Germany
    • Erika Patrikainen, general secretary, from H.O.T., Finland
    • Georg Kardaras, board member, from Alfa Athens SC, Greece
    • Bo Madsen, board member, Pan Idraet Copenhagen, Denmark
    • Vera-Linn Lanängen, board member, Stockholm All Stripes Sports Club, Sweden
    • Javier Pellon, board member, GMadrid Sports, Spain

EuroGames 2027 Cardiff, UK: Team Cardiff won the bidding to host the EuroGames 2027 in Cardiff, and for the first time in the UK, hosted by Pride Sports Cymru.

  • Sarah Townsend’s Farewell: In an emotional journey, we had to say goodbye to Sarah Townsend, EGLSF co-president for the past 8 years. Forever grateful for her dedication and contributions to the organization, it was palpable how the rest of EGLSF Delegates were moved by her last speech that turned into a kiss and cry moment.


  • PLUSS+ Grassroot-Development: Parallel to the 2024 EGLSF AGA, there was a meeting and presentation for the PLUSS+ Erasmus+ project members as well as a presentation led by Michele Mommi, EGLSF projects officer, directed to all EGLSF members. Read the news here.


  • EGLSF Equality Commission: EGLSF Equality Commission met during the 2024 EGLSF AGA to discuss and obtain feedback from the present members to develop its strategy.


  • International Women’s Day Campaing: Continuing EGLSF’s efforts to enhance its communications, social media presence and members engagement, the content creation for campaign for the International Women’s Day took place while in the AGA, showcasing the many outstanding women’s in the EGLSF Family in the following reel.