Committees of the EGLSF

During the AGA 2014, the general assembly established two more committees: the Legal Advice & Youth committee. EGLSF has now, together with the two already existing ones –Diversity and EuroGames 2012 Audit–, four committees with the following members:

Legal Advice Committee (legal-advisory@eglsf.info):
Lou Manders (John Blankenstein Foundation), Johan van Ven (Honorary member), Anya Wiersma (GUTS).
Liaison Board member: Tim van Hoydonck
Youth Committee (youth@eglsf.info):
Lovro Centrih (Out in Slovenija), Patryk Śledziński (Volup), Janis Koeppel (Seitenwechsel)
Liaison Board member: Dániel Waliduda
Diversity Committee (diversity@eglsf.info):
Željko Blaće (qSport), Inge Jansen (Ketelbinkie), Conny Kempe-Schälicke (Seitenwechsel).
Liaison Board member: Annette Wachter
EuroGames 2012 Audit Committee:
Edwin Westenberg (Ketelbinkie), Juha Meronen (Hot Helsinki), Marius Weiland (Upstream).
Liaison [...]

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  • Board in 2013

New EGLSF Board

After the elections at this year’s eventful Annual General Assembly, the board of the EGLSF is composed of the following seven members:

Male Co-President: Klaus Heusslein (Germany/Italy)
Treasurer: Tim Van Hoydonck (Belgium)
General Secretary: Annette Wachter (Germany)
Board members at large: Tamara Tien (The Netherlands), Jon Landa (Spain/Italy), Dániel Waliduda (Hungary) and Christiana Daneva (Bulgaria).

EGLSF welcomes Christiana to the board and thanks Armelle Mazé (former female Co-President) for her contribution and hard work in the past years.

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Queer Football Fanclubs and EGLSF join forces

Since February 2014 two important anti- homophobia institutions combines their forces. Queer Football Fan clubs with over 1,000 members in four European countries now is member of EGLSF (European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation). EGLSF has about 10,000 members and operates on a climate in sport where everyone is free to decide about his sexual orientation or identity. These words also fits QFF, which has founded in 2006 with the goal in football stadiums to improve the fan culture sustainably and allow gay people to a pleasant and mainly safe participation in the "most beautiful thing in the world".

Even through [...]

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AGA papers available

In only 31 days we will all meet again, this time in Ljubljana, where our friends from Out in Slovenija will host a general assembly for the first time, as well as Building Bridges IV Conference. Do not forget that EGLSF celebrates in 2014 its 25th anniversary too!

Register now here if you have not done it yet: on Friday we are all invited to the conference and on Saturday and Sunday our Annual General Assembly will take place.

As every year, the Board is also glad to announce that the AGA 2014 papers are already on our website so you can [...]

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2014 Membership Information

2014 membership 

You can find the online membership form at our website. Please fill it in providing all the required information, as indicated in the form. Do not forget to fill the sections on sports offered with number of men
and women at every sport. This information is needed for statistical backgrounds (perhaps some people do more one sport, so it could be that the total members’ number could be lower than the total per sports). The number of members determines the fee each club has to pay as EGLSF membership fee for 2014; the table is enclosed in the membership form. Invoices are sent upon request.
Please, [...]

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