Danish LGBTQ Sports Assoc. Pan Idraet has just been nominated for the Ministry of Culture’s annual sports award for their extraordinary efforts in the world of sports.

“We are incredibly excited and proud to be nominated for this award,” Christian Bigom, chairman of Pan Idraet, tells. “Our passionate members and volunteers work their hearts out each day to strengthen this community.”

The nomination was made by the Danish Gymnastics and Sports Association in a press release sent out this morning. Motivating the nomination, they point out that Pan Idraet has increased its number of social activities, improved its communications and worked to bring in new members across various age groups.

“The nomination is also much appreciated as we prepare our bid to host EuroGames in Copenhagen,” Christian Bigom says as he tells about Copenhagen 2021, a collaborative event combining WorldPride and EuroGames in the city. “LGBTQ sports in Denmark is regarded as a valuable contribution to society because we bring people together in an inclusive community, breaking down barriers and stereotypes.”

If Pan Idraet ends up winning the award, they will be handed approx. $15,000 by the Danish Minister of Culture to further strengthen the association.




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