EU Project SGS presents the Research on the situation of women and LGBT+ individuals in European grassroots sports

The EU co-funded project “SGS – Sport for all Genders and Sexualities”, aiming to promote an inclusive sports culture for all persons regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity in European grassroot sports, had reached another big milestone. A scientific research in the framework of the project with the main focus on providing insights into the situation of women and LGBT+ individuals in organized grassroots sports across Europe, which was conducted by German Sports University. Aim of the Research The primary goal of the research was to identify and understand the prevailing gender norms and stereotypes in [...]

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+PLUSS Capacity building on membership and advocacy

Under the project +PLUSS “LGBTQI+ Policy and Leadership in Sport and Society”, funded by the Erasmus+ sport program, a site visit for fellow LGBTQI+ sport club leaders has been hosted by Atlasz Sports Club in Budapest (Hungary) on October 27th-29th, 2023 in order to facilitate knowledge sharing and build a community of European leaders. 15 participants from #PLUSS partners and visiting club leaders had the chance to understand the ways of working, in particular related to growth/sustainability of the club and to advocating for LGBTQI+ rights in wider society. Partners organisations responsible for the 2 [...]

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Including transgender and intersex people in sport. SGS international training in Seville

The SGS project (Sport for all genders and sexualities) reached one of its main milestones this week by bringing together from Sept 30 to October 3 in Seville trainers and experts from the UK, Austria, Italy and Spain to address one among the most discussed LGBTQIA+ topics of the moment: transgender, non-binary and intersex people’s participation in sport.  Participants thoroughly analysed the current scenario, from the new guidelines of the Olympic Committee to the WHO removing gender dysphoria from the list of mental illnesses. Although some international federations are currently banning transgender women from competing in [...]

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Rising Together: Open your Sport to all genders and sexualities!

Scenario The EU Project SGS - Sport for all Genders and Sexualities has launched the Raising Together Campaign for the EU week of Sport 2023 In the modern and highly developed 21st century it's still necessary to talk about Sport for all Genders. European sports continue to be heavily influenced by traditional concepts of gender roles, which categorize individuals strictly as either "men" or "women," reinforcing a dominant binary and masculine perspective. This prevailing narrative within sports inevitably leads to the marginalization and unfair treatment of various groups, including women and girls (resulting in sexism), transgender [...]

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+PLUSS hybrid partnership meeting

The EuroGames Bern 2023 was the opportunity for us to host on July 27th the 1st hybrid partnership meeting of the project +PLUSS “LGBTQI+ Policy and Leadership in Sport and Society”, It was the project's first opportunity to meet face-to-face, with most partner representatives attending in person, while others connected online.   With this meeting, the preparation phase of the project was completed, as the first formal outputs of the project were discussed and approved, such as the communication plan, the visual elements and the reporting system, among others. Planning for upcoming activities and [...]

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