Baku, from the ancient land of Azerbaijan rises the first European Games

There is no doubt that the experience of competing in a large sporting event can benefit any athlete, especially if that athlete is competing in the Olympics next year in Rio. You could follow the endlessly exciting social media updates from young competitors who lived in the sporting bubble of the inaugural European Games. Like all great sporting events it should be about the young people, athleticism and participation. However the human rights situation in Azerbaijan simply cannot be ignored. The federation is fully aware that since 2014, the Azerbaijani government has orchestrated an unprecedented campaign to suppress dissenting voices [...]

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2015 Football People Event Grants Launched

For the third consecutive year, the Fare Event Grants will boost national and international scale events and interventions during the Football People action weeks to address social inclusion and anti-discrimination within football. A pool of €20,000 has been made available to fund events that will become the highlights of the two-week period in October and have the potential to generate a positive long-term impact. The Event Grants scheme is open to all European formal and informal groups that have the capacity to organise interventions of this kind at national or international level. The proposed events must be implemented during the [...]

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EuroGames Stockholm launched the #FlamingStar – a digital activation on Twitter (the world’s most open and democratic media). By carrying the exclusive #FlamingStar on your Twitter account for 15 minutes, you’ll show your support for diversity within the athletic world. EuroGames’ main goal is to democratise the world of sports. The #FlamingStar is a symbol for that struggle. Everyone is welcome to hold the #FlamingStar, no matter who you are or what you believe in. And by carrying the #FlamingStar you’ll take action against discrimination in sports. - I’m happy and honoured to be an Ambassador for EuroGames Stockholm. The [...]

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EuroGames Stockholm 2015 can now present parts of the political programme that will be held at Kulturhuset in Stockholm between August 6th to 8 in 2015. The programme includes fifteen exciting items, consisting of lectures, speeches and panel conversations with participants that will include the Puerto Rican professional boxer Orlando Cruz, the former long jumper and sprinter Peter Häggström and Sweden's Minister for Health Care, Public Health and Sport Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, Gabriel Wikström. Within these, questions concerning heteronormativity and resistance in sports will be raised. EuroGames Stockholm 2015 is held between August 5th – August 9th [...]

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Field of tainted dreams

Homophobia is rife in Australian sport. Whether playing at the local park or representing their country, gay and lesbian athletes routinely hide their sexuality to avoid abuse while pursuing the sport they love. Sarah Dingle investigates how difficult it is to come out on the field.

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