Calendars – Calendar Frenzy

With the New Year approaching, so is the frenzy of calendars. While for the mainstream population, the pictures of (semi)naked women still seems to flourish, the gay market has been influenced by the so-called 'straight' male nude sports calendars.

The calendars such as Dieux du Stade have gotten almost a symbolic status with the male gay population in Europe. Following their lead, some other examples of mainstreaming homo-eroticism have been made, like the Dolce&Gabbana with the calendar of Italian Rugby players.

While all of those are pleasant - mostly to the gay eye, EGLSF would like to remind that several of our [...]

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LGBT Sports Media: Sportsoutloud becomes Compete

Sports Out Loud, the world's only gay sports magazine, will re-launch as Compete, beginning with its January/February 2009 issue.

While in the process of choosing a new name, the publishers of Sports Out Loud were inspired by Billie Jean King who during an interview spoke of her toughest competitor - herself. The Compete name speaks to the common drive to overcome personal limitations in sports and in life.

The publishers hope that the redone magazine will inspire athletes and non-athletes to succeed in conquering the challenges the face on and off the field world-wide.


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EGLSF Newsletter: EGLSF on issuu

EGLSF - European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation, publishes a free e-bulletin, the EGLSF Newsletter every month.

The newsletter covers the activities of EGLSF and EuroGames, features short presentations of our members, includes News section, and lists upcoming LGBT sports events in Europe and elsewhere.

While our members receive the newsletter automatically, non-members and interested public and media may download the Newsletter and subscribe for this free service at http://www.eglsf.info/eglsf-newsletter.html.

End of November, we have also decided to expand our reach of readers by publishing the newsletter also at the online media portal issuu.


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Send Pink Paper your news – Have a sports story? Send it to Pink Paper UK

Send your sports story to Pink Paper for possible inclusion in the UK's only national gay and lesbian newspaper.

Send all press releases, information and pictures to sport@pinkpaper.com for 2008 and 2009


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IGLFA 2009: Gay Soccer World Championship

After the 2008 Gay Football/Soccer World Championship was held in London, the International Gay Lesbian Football Association (IGLFA) awarded the Federal Triangles Soccer Club of Washington DC the championship for next year. The tournament is scheduled to take place June 14- 21, 2009.

London otherwise saw close to 40 teams representing 13 countries. In the very well organised championship, Stonewall Lions beat Argentinian side SAF Gay 5-0 in the finals.


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