EGLSF Annual General Assembly, AGA 2024, takes place in Antwerp, Belgium. All our members are invited to join on 1st-3rd March to a conference on Friday and to the AGA on Saturday and Sunday. 

Our hosts this year are Way to EuroGames Antwerp in co-operation with ESSDA and JADA Events. Here's the link to their website where you can find the detailed time table and links to registration and outreach application. Outreach application period is now finished, but registration continues till 18th February


It is recommended to book it now since there is a big event in Antwerp during the same weekend! Some of the hotels are already sold out (including our partner hotels discount rooms).


  • Friday conference and the AGA take place in the same location: Radisson Blu Astrid Hotel, Koningin Astridplein 7B, 2018 Antwerpen (BE)


Friday, 1st March

  • Members Gathering event at 9.15
  • Fun City Tour at 15.00
  • Welcome reception at 18.00

Members Gathering

The Members Gathering is what it says, a space for members to come together to meet, to network, to share, and to get to know each other. Detailed programme can be downloaded as pdf. Here's the overall schedule:


9.15am Registration & coffee 
10am  Introduction 
10.15am  First breakouts 
11.15am  TEABREAK
11.45am Second breakouts 
12.45pm  Conclusions 
1pm  FINISH 

Saturday, 2nd March

  • First day of AGA at 8.30
  • Dinner at 20.00
  • EU Queer Sports Party at 22.00

Sunday, 3rd March

  • Second day of AGA at 8.30
  • Lunch at 13.00

On the agenda we will have the following elections:

  • EuroGames 2027 host
  • Board positions: Co-president (female), General secretary, Board member at large (4 positions, of different genders)
  • AGA 2025 host
  • AGA co-chairs
  • Cash control committee members
  • Legal advisory committee members

Contact for additional info.

Board position profiles

Common requirements

  • The working language of the board is English. Other language skills are a plus.
  • The time that the board work takes during the week might be something between 3-20h, depending on your responsibilities. 
  • During the year we have six F2F meetings (Fri afternoon - Sun noon) and online meetings (1-2h) every 3 weeks.



  • Should be well informed of all Federation activities and able to provide oversight be forward thinking and committed to meeting the overall goals of the Federation
  • Have a good working knowledge of the Federation constitution, rules and duties of office bearers 
  • Chair meetings ensuring that they are run efficiently and effectively
  • Act as a signatory for the Federation in all legal purposes and financial purposes
  • Regularly focus the Federation’s attention on matters of governance that relate to its own structure, role and relationship
  • Focus on the strategic development of the Federation and work to advance this
  • Seek funding opportunities to fulfil Federation strategic goals and engage in grant-writing activities to this end
  • Work with the Federation board to ensure:
    • The necessary skills are represented on the Federation and that a 
    • succession plan is in place to help find new board members when required
    • Goals and relevant strategic and business plans are developed in order to achieve the goals of the Federation.
  • Serve as a spokesperson when required
  • Develop partnerships with other sport stakeholders, boards and organisations that are relevant to the goals of the Federation, including major European institutions such as EPAS and ENGSO

Experience & Skills

  • Experience of working as the president of an (volunteer) organisation
    • Experience in Erasmus+ projects
    • Should have experience of EuroGames
  • Should be a competent public speaker
  • Should be organised
  • Should be able to lead a team
  • Should be available to travel regularly throughout the year inside Europe (visa requirements solved) 

General Secretary


  • Is the primary administration officer of the committee and provides the links between the Federation, members, and outside agencies.
  • To prepare agendas, control and distribute minutes, receive, and disseminate correspondence to and from the board etc.
  • Is responsible for the administrative documentation (outside of financial matters) for the Federation.
  • Specific duties include but are not limited to:
    • Maintain records of the Federation
    • Manage minutes of Federation meetings,
    • Development of the agenda in together with other board members and distribution prior to the meeting (excl. F2F meetings which are prepared by a co-president)
    • Manages external communications with members, and other organisations. This includes:
      • publishing press release when necessary and website content
      • newsletter content
      • Is familiar with documents to note applicability during meetings
      • Is responsible for ensuring that accurate and sufficient documentation exists to meet legal requirements
  • Ensure that the records of the board are maintained as required by law and made available when required by authorised persons.

Experience & Skills

  • Should be able to communicate effectively
  • Should be organised
  • Should have solid computer skills
  • Experience of working in the board of an organisation

Board member at large


Tasks of the board members (up to 4 people) depend on the skills and interests of the people on the board at that moment. The tasks will most likely include some of the following:

  • Being part of the EuroGames management team
  • Taking part in Erasmus+ projects
  • Annual general assembly preparations
  • Being part of the communication team (website, newsletter, social media)
  • Maintaining the sport calendar
  • Maintaining the list of sports experts and communication between EGLSF and them
  • Maintaining the sports guidelines for EuroGames

Experience & Skills

Some experience or skills of the following list will be beneficial to have:

  • Experience in LGBTIQ+ sports event management
  • Experience of EuroGames
  • Experience in Erasmus+ projects
  • Experience in LGBTIQ+ activism
  • Experience in organising conferences and meetings
  • Communication skills
  • Computer skills (e.g. Google Workspace, WordPress, Mailchimp, Canva)
  • Knowledge of Dutch law