With the New Year approaching, so is the frenzy of calendars. While for the mainstream population, the pictures of (semi)naked women still seems to flourish, the gay market has been influenced by the so-called 'straight' male nude sports calendars.

The calendars such as Dieux du Stade have gotten almost a symbolic status with the male gay population in Europe. Following their lead, some other examples of mainstreaming homo-eroticism have been made, like the Dolce&Gabbana with the calendar of Italian Rugby players.

While all of those are pleasant - mostly to the gay eye, EGLSF would like to remind that several of our members also make gay and/or lesbian calendars which are not only beautiful to look at, but also support the activities of the clubs. So please check with your local club about the special calendars available.

Enjoy the Holidays and Happy New Year!