Meeting of  the Consultative Bureau of EPAS

On the 29th of March there was a meeting oft he Consultative Bureau (Board) of the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport (EPAS) in Paris. EPAS is part of the Council of Europe and the EGLSF enjoys participatory status with the Council.

At this meeting the CC Bureau Members were informed about the accession of organisations to the Consultative Committee and which European sports organisation have to renew their membership.

At the moment EPAS runs the following joint projects:

  • ProS4+: a new follow up project on spectators violence in sport
  • PSS+: a new follow up project on sexual violence on children in sport
  • KCOOS: Promoting the match-fixing convention and providing technical assistance and capacity building on match-fixing topics.
  • Aspire: This project is led by ENGSO and aims at using the vector sport in offering a solution for inclusion during and after the settlement of refugees.
  • The National Sport Governance Observer 2017: This project is led by Play the Game and aims at creating a robust framework for improving governance in national sports organisations.

In the last few month EPAS initiates a survey about its diversity activities. The results of the survey can be described as follows:

  • There is a very positive feedback on what EPAS did so far.
  • There is a clear mandate for EPAS to continue its work on diversity.
  • However, as “diversity” has a very broad meaning, it is recommended to develop a more strategic and thematic orientation.

From the 9th to 10th of May 2017 there will be the Consultative Committee plenary meeting and the joint meeting of the Governing Board and the Consultative Committee in Limassol, Cyprus. In the light of the request by previous plenary sessions the bureau brainstormed topics for the upcoming plenary meeting. In the discussion the following thematic priorities were identified:

  • Wellbeing and health
  • Sustainable cities
  • Gender equality
  • Decent work and economic growth
  • Good governance
  • Climate change

On the agenda will be current issues and the work programme of EPAS as well.

For the 10th anniversary of EPAS there will be on the 11th of May a conference in Limassol. The topic is: Working together to build and consolidate democracy, tolerance and inclusion. The focus is diversity in sport.