Copenhagen, May 3rd, 2017

EGLSF project partners from the Erasmus+ "Heroes of Football" project, will give a presentation to the Danish Parliament during a hearing arranged by the Cultural and Gender Equality Committee. José van der Mark and Marieke Slinkert are speaking on behalf of the federation about the experiences the project has encountered over the past 17 months.

EGLSF members Pan Idraet will also speak during the  hearing.

Heroes of Football

A European mission to ensure that everyone who loves football or takes part in the game, enjoys it for 100% and can be who they are for 100%.

This way everyone can give it the full 100% together with the team.

You can watch the live stream here:-

The agenda is below:-

  • 09.00 - Welcome by chairman of the Cultural Committee
  • 09.05 – Introduction to the topic by PFA and Mathias Zanka
  • 09.25 – The historic and socially development of the issue, by Hans Bonde
  • 09.35 – Why is a campaign necessary, by DFA (DBU)
  • 09.45 – Homophobia in the clubs, by Pan-Idræt
  • 09.55 – What does the professional clubs do, by a club manager
  • 10.05 – What does the fans do and think, by two fanclubs
  • 10.15 – The referees, how are they educated, by the referee union
  • 10.25 – pause
  • 10.40 – Experiences from abroad, by Heroes of Football
  • 10.55 – Collection and perspective, by Pan-Idræt
  • 11.05 – Questions and debate
  • 11.55 – Closing by chairman of the Gender Equality Committee

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