The new website of the EGLSF is finaly live. Like with so many projects, this took us some more time that we expected, but we pulled it off! Since the end of July we soft launched our site. More than 1500 people already visited us and now it's time to go  fully live! The first bugs are solved, speed of the website increased a bit and some other 'live' issues has been resolved. We are not there yet, but in the next few months it will be further optimized and new content will be added.

The previous website was developed in 2006/2007,  since then the website technology rapidly changed. To move forward we choose to host our new website on the wordpress platform. The website is responsive now, on all devices e.g. desktop, tablet and mobile, the website is user-friendly. One more step towards digitalizing EGLSF.

So what are our next plans and how will the next few months look like?

Besides we have two other websites. For the moment we integrated the site into the site. We created a special section and all the EuroGames info can be found under EuroGames

will be updated in the next few months. Like and previous the site was based on the same framework and shared the same functionalities. Now with updated to the wordpress platform, it is time to move as well. Before the end of this year the first version should be live

future planning

We are not there yet. In the upcoming months (and years) the site will be further developed and added with extra new functionalities like (in no particular order);

  • members only section
  • add your own (member) info to the site
  • new EGLSF branding will be visable
  • integrations with other EGLSF systems (e.g. membership database)

Plenty of wishes to fullfill. To make faster progress we are looking for volunteers to help us with the site. Designers, developers, seo/sea specialists, editors etc,  if you are interested contact us at If you have some other ideas about the site, found some bugs, share them with us, leave a comment or contact us via this form