For the 11th time, the Gay German Open, a non-profit tennis tournament sanctioned by the Gay and Lesbian Tennis Alliance (GLTA) will be held in Kaarst, 5th-7th January 2018.
Tournament director André Gielliet of RainBow Tennis Dusseldorf will welcome more than 110 participants from all around the world for the 3rd time at the TESPO Indoor Venue in Kaarst, 20 km west of Dusseldorf with 12 Carpet Courts.
For the first time in GLTA history, singles & doubles consolation matches will be a Fast4 Tennis Event – a format which was successfully invented in Australia.
Andre has sparked a lot of discussion about rule changes with the introduction of this format, which was also reviewed at the beginning of November at the NextGen ATP Final.
The goal, however, was to give players the opportunity to play as many matches as possible at the Gay German Open.
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The RainBow Tennis e.V. was founded in 2005 by Andre, who wanted to organise a Gay Tennis Tournament and be part of the GLTA World Tour. Due to the Fact that the sponsor has withdrawn in 2006, Andre cancelled the 1st Gay German Open 2006 which was planned in Cologne. In 2007 he started again and the 1st Gay German Open at TC Hochdahl had 36 participants. Growing up in 2008, TC Hochdahl was replaced by TG Nord where the Gay German Open where held in 2009 and 2010.

In 2011 the Gay German Open were missing on GLTA Tour Schedule due to Venue and date issues, but Andre came back in 2012 in Essen at ETUF, Member of the Leading Tennisclubs in Germany.
Temperature and date issues were the reason that Andre decided to move from an outdoor event in april to an indoor event in January in Kaarst, a city near Dusseldorf, but in the middle of nowhere – with success.

Starting with 105 participants in 2016, the Gay German Open had 131 participants in 2017 and had now registered 133 players for the 2018. Andre is also part of the organisation commitee of the EuroGames 2020 and is also working with the GLTA Board Members for the GLTA Championships 2019.
Always there: sponsor of the first hour - Topspin founder and Bidi Badu'ler Boris Krumm

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Words & Photos:- Andre Gielliet

Graphics:- John Ryan