The EGLSF is shocked and deeply disappointed to learn that only the Human Rights, Cultural and the 3 sporting events, aquatics, football, and country and western same sex dancing, will take place in Miami for the 4th World OutGames.

To the many athletes and specifically our EGLSF members who are in Miami now, who have invested, time money and energy into attending this tournament, we want to inform you that the EGLSF has been trying to get answers from GLISA and World Out Games to find out why this has happened.

Our immediate concern is to ensure our members are accommodated for the events, which have been cancelled.

We find the lack of transparency regarding their “financial burdens” simply unacceptable, and this reflects poorly on our community as a whole. The EGLSF is committed to our members and will inform you as soon as we have further information regarding the tournament.

The EGLSF Board