On the 9th of May was the yearly meeting of the Consultative Committee of EPAS. Topic at this meeting were:
- Information on accession of new members to EPAS
- Renewals of membership (FLAS, EUPEA, Sport & Citizenship, SROC, EU Athletes, ISF)
- Report of the Consultative Committee Bureau
- Report on ongoing EPAS programme of activities: BIS analysis, corruption in sport, Pro Safe in Sport 4, Pro Safe in Sport + =sexual violence in sport against children, Keep Crime out of Sport
- Development of Goals and Strategies
- Roundtable summary on good governance initiatives / plans of the Consultative Committee members
- Discussion about the sudden closure of the UN office for sport, development and peace (UNOSDP)

As a result of the discussion of the last point the consultative committee work on the following resolution, which was published in the different media:

Resolution: European sports committee concerned over sudden closure of UN office for sport, development and peace (UNOSDP)

The Consultative Committee of the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport under the Council of Europe expresses its concern over the sudden closure of the United Nations Office for Sport Development & Peace, which since the beginning of the century has played an important role as catalyst, adviser and advocate for a wide global group of stakeholders committed to strengthening the role of sport in society.
Given that this decision is very recent and very little information has been given to make a balanced assessment of its impact,
The EPAS CC considers nevertheless that this decision might send a problematic message, at a point in time where the awareness about the societal role of sport is growing in general, and where in particular the UN, several governments and numerous organisations from civil society is wishing to focus on how sport can contribute to achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).
The members of the EPAS CC remain committed to the continuation of the work and initiatives developed by UNOSDP and encourage future policies to be defined through a wide collaborative effort among stakeholders in upholding and protecting the role of sport in society.
The Consultative Committee comprises 25 international NGO’s and institutions in the sports field. As a partnership body, it provides advice for the 38 countries that are members of the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport under the Council of Europe.

Joint meeting Consultative Committee and the Governing Body of EPAS

On the 9th and 10th of May there was a joint meeting of the Governing Body of EPAS and the Consultative Committee. A lot of reports were presented about joint meetings with a list of decisions from these meetings. And the budget for 2018 invested in the projects as listed above.
Very important was the election of the new chair and vice-chair. Now the Governing Bureau consist of the following representatives:
1. France (Chair)
2. Slovenia (Vice-chair)
3. Russian Federation (Region 1)
4. Iceland (Region 2)
5. Croatia (Region 3)
6. Bulgaria (Region 4)
7. Georgia (Host of next Conference of Ministers)

10th EPAS Anniversary Conference “Working together to build and consolidate democracy, tolerance and inclusion”.

Since 2008 EPAS has been promoting diversity in and through sport and provided a platform for intergovernmental sports, co-operation between the public authorities of its member stats. It also encourages dialogue between public authorities, sports federations and NGOs. Its activities are based on core values such as integrity in sport, fair play and equality.

After ten years, it is time to take stock of the achievements of the EPAS diversity activities and to discuss its future strategic orientation. For this reason, high profile speakers discussed the relevance of values, such as diversity and inclusion through and in sport.

Objectives of the conference and expected results:
EPAS 10th Anniversary Conference objectives:
- Take stock and highlight achievements of EPAS’ role in promoting diversity in sport in Europe
- Analyse with high profile speakers and the audience an ideal achievable situation with regards to diversity in sport
- Discussion and shape together EPAS’ future strategic orientation.

Three sportspersons presented their stories:
- Imke Duplitzer: Fencer and Olympic Silver medallist from Germany
- Matthew Lister: Slalom Canoer and 2 x bronze medallist at ICF Slalom World Championship
Both belonging to the LGBTIQ community
- Aya Medany, Champion of Pease, Pentathlete and 3 Olympian and Vice-World Champion
And at the High-level panel discussion: Why do we need to be concerned about diversity in sport, Imke Duplitzer and Louise Englefield presented our community. And in the afternoon we all worked together in four workshops on the future strategic diversity orientation of EPAS. The final report about the conclusions of EPAS will be published soon.