The EGLSF board met in Amsterdam from July 25 until July 27th. Klaus Heusslein, Annette Wachter, Tamara Tien, Christiana Daneva, Tim Van Hoydonck, Jon Landa and Daniel Waliduda were welcomed warmly by Bauke Ylstra and Hans Vugts from Upstream Amsterdam. During the weekend there was time to meet with the  legal advisory committee and EuroGames working group. On Friday, EGLSF organised a Meet & Greet for all Dutch member organisations, where members had time to meet the board and to get to know each other. Thanks to all the clubs who joined us! Afterwards some of us joined Upstream Amsterdam for their Friday evening swim training. After Saturday session we were invited for the Upstream charity drinks to raise money for their upcoming Pride boat. Thanks again for Upstream Amsterdam for hosting us. Next boardmeeting will be in September.