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EuroGames Stockholm 2015

We would like to inform you that we are currently looking into each report/comment/incident regarding the EuroGames 2015. We are in the process of working with the EuroGames committee so that they can take these incidents and look into them thoroughly, and create a report on the findings. We will publish this report on our website in due course.

From the outcome of these investigations we will then be able to formulate a series of fail safe plans in order to secure better future EuroGames.

The first steps have already been taken. We are contacting sporting experts around […]

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Let the games begin!

The 15th EuroGames are finally here! Please find below an overview of some of the events that will be happening this week. Remember, any last minute changes or amendments will be posted on the official EuroGames website. Have a safe week, as see you out and about in Stockholm!

Political Conference

The Political programme of EuroGames Stockholm 2015 will take place between the 6th and 8th of August at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern in Stockholm.

The programme includes sixteen exciting items, consisting of lectures, interviews and panel conversations. Within these, questions concerning heteronormativity and resistance thereof in sports will be raised. The programme aims to […]

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Football People small grants scheme to bolster grassroots action against discrimination

From 1 August until 6 September, formal and informal groups across Europe can apply for a Football People small grant to advance their work in empowering communities and tackling discrimination through football during the Fare action weeks in October.The small grants programme is open to grassroots organisations, including NGOs, minority groups, fans, amateur clubs and educational bodies, among others, to implement and expand local and regional activities that stimulate the inclusion of ethnic minorities, refugees and migrants, disabled people and other marginalised groups through the power of football.

In 2015 the maximum amount groups can apply for has increased from €400 […]

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Baku, from the ancient land of Azerbaijan rises the first European Games

There is no doubt that the experience of competing in a large sporting event can benefit any athlete, especially if that athlete is competing in the Olympics next year in Rio. You could follow the endlessly exciting social media updates from young competitors who lived in the sporting bubble of the inaugural European Games. Like all great sporting events it should be about the young people, athleticism and participation.

However the human rights situation in Azerbaijan simply cannot be ignored. The federation is fully aware that since 2014, the Azerbaijani government has orchestrated an unprecedented campaign to suppress dissenting voices in […]

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Landmark Protections in European Parliament

In a landmark vote, the European Parliament has demanded to include SOGI rights in a future EU gender equality strategy.

The current strategy for equality between women and men runs out at the end of this year. The report voted yesterday, is the Parliament’s input for the gender equality strategy 2016-2020.

Specifically on SOGI issues, the parliament has made several changes to its strategy, including the below:

Asks to ensure the full legal recognition of a person’s preferred gender, which is vital for trans and intersex persons and to work towards full depathologisation of trans identities, including in childhood
Demands an inclusive definition of […]

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