Conference: UK LGBT Sports Summit

Saturday June 14th saw LGBT sports organisers from throughout the UK attend the first National LGBT Sports Summit in Manchester. The inaugural event was attended by more than 50 delegates representing LGBT sports clubs, and national and international sports organisations, including EGLSF, as well as representatives from sports National Governing Bodies.

Organisers, Pride Sports, the Manchester based LGBT Sorts Development Company see the event as a huge success. Company Directors, Lou Englefield and Trevor Burchick told us:

"It was a great day. Everyone who attended had a real commitment to make things happen and to see LGBT sport moved higher up the [...]

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Shanghai gay sports teams – Gay sports thriving in Shanghai, China

Gay sports groups in Shanghai, China:

Shanghai Huangpu Swimming Group
Shanghai Stadium Swimming Team
North Shanghai Swimming Team
Changning Swimming Team
Pudong Swimming Team
Tongxin Football (Soccer) Team
Shanghai Sunhomo Football Group
Hongkou Badminton Team
Huangpu Badminton Team
Pudong Badminton Group
"Shanghai LGBT" Badminton Team
Shanghai Yoga Group
Shanghai Runners Group
Shanghai Sunhomo Kungfu Group Rainbow League Kungfu Group
Shanghai Sunhomo Table Tennis (Pingpong) Group Rainbow League Table Tennis (Pingpong) Group
Rainbow League Hip Hop Dance Group
Shanghai Fitness Group
Shanghai Sunhomo Volleyball Group "Shanghai LGBT" Volleyball Group

Click on internet  link to "Queer Shanghai: gay bars, gay sports, LGBT organizations" for full descriptions



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EG08 Tickets: Tickets for the EuroGames available soon

In a few days, the system to buy tickets for the parties and the opening ceremony for the EuroGames 2008 will be ready. You will be able to buy your tickets online or at "la Caixa" ATM.

There will be two big parties at the EuroGames:

- Women party (on Friday evening)
- EuroGames party (on Saturday night)

The same system will be ready for people wanting to register for the 10km running, that will take place on Sunday July 27th at 9:00.

During the EuroGames you will be able to buy tickets at the EuroGames stand in the Village.


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International Conference – Barcelona Conference

We are inviting you to the conference on human rights and homophobia, which will be the first activity of EuroGames 2008 in Barcelona, and which is organized by EuroGames Barcelona and EGLSF.

We strongly encourage you to participate in the conference, in order to exchange your experiences, your points of view, and your ideas for future steps and make them audible. Your participation and input are of great value for the outcomes of the conference and for the development of EGLSF.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the conference, at the sports venues, and everywhere in Barcelona!


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Research Participants: Are you a full-time/professional sports coach

Are you a full-time and / or professional coach? A sport sociologist from Leeds Metropolitan University is looking for lesbian sport coaches to take part in a study on the experiences of gay women leaders in sport. The design of the study would be in the form of interviews and you will have complete anonymity and control of the research process. If you are interested, please get in touch by emailing l.j.norman@leedsmet.ac.uk.


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