Politics: President Fini meets Eurogames Medallists

On August the 5th, a delegation of about 40 athletes, medallists at the Eurogames of Barcelona, were received for the first time by Gianfranco Fini, President of the Italian House of Representatives, and leader of the most right wing party in the current center-right Italian government. The reception was asked for by Anna Paola Concia, congresswoman for the Democratic Party and gold medallist herself in the tennis tournament of the EuroGames. Pepe García Vásquez, the male co-president of EGLSF was also present at the reception. Most of the athletes received were members of Gay Sport Italia (GSI), a newly created [...]

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Out Olympians: Openly gay athletes in Beijing

The Federation of Gay Games (FGG) salutes the eleven publicly lesbian, gay or bisexual Olympians in Beijing: Judith Arndt (Germany, cycling), Linda Bresonik (Germany, soccer), Imke Duplitzer (Germany, fencing), Vicky Galindo (USA, softball); Gro Hammerseng and Katja Nyberg (Norway, handball; they are a couple); Natasha Kai (USA, soccer), Lauren Lappin (USA, softball); Matthew Mitcham (Australia, diving); Rennae Stubbs (Australia, tennis); and Victoria "Vickan" Svensson (Sweden, soccer).

The FGG is encouraging participation in a campaign to send messages of support to these out LGBT athletes via each country’s Olympic websites.

FGG also invites Olympians, past and present, to participate in Gay Games VIII [...]

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Barcelona 2008: EuroGames 2008 concluded

More than 5.000 people had followed the call of Panteres Grogues to go South and play with them. Nearly 40% of the participants were women, a share appreciated very much – may the share be 50% at the next EuroGames! That goal may only be reached by paying more attention to women on all levels within EGLSF, in all member clubs.<br />

The board wants to express its gratitude towards the organizers of EuroGames 2008. Not very many years ago, Spain formed part of the EGLSF outreach area; hence the board considers it a major step forward for LGBT sport in [...]

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LGBT sport videos: EGLSF on YouTube

The European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF) has officially opened a public profile on YouTube where members, website visitors and other people can view a selection of video content related to EGLSF, EuroGames and our fields of activity. We invite you to check out our videos!

YouTube is a popular video sharing website where users can upload, view and share video clips.


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EuroGames 2008 – Countdown to the EuroGames

The big count-down to this year's EuroGames has begun. The Organizing Committee, the volunteers, city officials, and many many others are ready to welcome all the participants and visitors of the sports competitions and cultural events for the EuroGames 2008 in Barcelona. The games which are hosted under the slogan "Come South - Play with us!" open on July 24, and end on July 27, 2008.

More than 4500 sportsmen and sportswomen from over 30 European countries, as well as some participants from other countries like the USA, Thailand, Canada, Puerto Rico, Brazil or Australia, will meet at the 12th EuroGames, [...]

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