EGLSF Statement regarding the Miami World OutGames

The EGLSF is shocked and deeply disappointed to learn that only the Human Rights, Cultural and the 3 sporting events, aquatics, football, and country and western same sex dancing, will take place in Miami for the 4th World OutGames.

To the many athletes and specifically our EGLSF members who are in Miami now, who have invested, time money and energy into attending this tournament, we want to inform you that the EGLSF has been trying to get answers from GLISA and World Out Games to find out why this has happened.

Our immediate concern is to ensure our members are accommodated for [...]

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Erasmus + “Heroes of Football” Danish Parliament Hearing

Copenhagen, May 3rd, 2017

EGLSF project partners from the Erasmus+ "Heroes of Football" project, will give a presentation to the Danish Parliament during a hearing arranged by the Cultural and Gender Equality Committee. José van der Mark and Marieke Slinkert are speaking on behalf of the federation about the experiences the project has encountered over the past 17 months.

EGLSF members Pan Idraet will also speak during the  hearing.

Heroes of Football

A European mission to ensure that everyone who loves football or takes part in the game, enjoys it for 100% and can be who they are for 100%.

This way everyone can give it the full 100% [...]

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Edgar Goes East!

Hungary, April 12-16, 2017

Edgar, our treasurer, recently visited Budapest to meet with our Eastern European members to discuss with them how the EGLSF can give them support.

During the visit he met up with 3 members from Atlasz SC, and members from ILGA-Europe, who were on a financial training course. Daniel Waliduda, a former EGLSF board member, Istvan Manheim and Szalbolcs gave some constructive feedback on how, and what we could do for them.

Going forward, the board will meet in Amsterdam in 2 weeks time to discuss in detail the practical side of the support we can give our Eastern European [...]

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QSport Romania, Basketball in Bucharest!

Sunday, April 23rd, Q Sports Romania hosted a Basketball 3on3 Meet-up in Bucharest, Romania. The games were held at Sport Arena Bucharest a well-know facility for big 3on3 basketball tournaments in the country.

The meet-up consisted of a 3 hour event made up of a round robin competition with the top 2 teams (in terms of wins) playing against each other in a very tight final. In total we had 5 teams competing (15 players), with different backgrounds and ages. You can see pictures from the games here

Video of the big final here

And pictures taken after the tournament here

As tournament hosts [...]

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FIFA Conference for Equality and Inclusion: Moving from words to action

ZURICH, March 7, 2017 - How does one transform indisputably beautiful words like “equality” and “diversity” into concrete actions that make a difference? This years’ FIFA Conference for Equality and Inclusion set the stage for the many potential answers to this question and displayed just how complex the process is – both within football and in other areas of society.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the EGLSF was represented at the 3rd FIFA Annual Conference on Equality & Inclusion to provide a platform for open and honest debate about how to improve the support for women’s football and women in [...]

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