Under the project +PLUSS “LGBTQI+ Policy and Leadership in Sport and Society”, funded by the Erasmus+ sport program, a site visit for fellow LGBTQI+ sport club leaders has been hosted by Atlasz Sports Club in Budapest (Hungary) on October 27th-29th, 2023 in order to facilitate knowledge sharing and build a community of European leaders.

15 participants from #PLUSS partners and visiting club leaders had the chance to understand the ways of working, in particular related to growth/sustainability of the club and to advocating for LGBTQI+ rights in wider society.

Partners organisations responsible for the 2 planned workshops were the hungarian Atlasz Sports Club and the belgian Out for the Win on the topics of ‘advocacy’, the slovenian Out In Slovenia and the croatian Queer Sport Split on ‘membership’.

Together with events and governance that will be addressed during the next project’s site visit, to be held in Slovenia next February 2024, these topics form the 4 strategic areas for development of the member body, EGLSF (membership, advocacy, events and governance).

This activity is expected to contribute to building cooperation and understanding among LGBTQI+ sports clubs in Europe so that sport clubs and their leaders have a network that offers support, motivation and accountability which will secure the delivery, impact and legacy of LGBTQI+ sport participation.

Furthermore, the capacity building on the 4 topics will increase the capacity of LGBTQI+ sport leaders and clubs so that EGLSF clubs can continue to exist and grow to provide inclusive and safe environments for people who are excluded from existing sport structures, despite minimum resources and the reliance on a small number of active volunteers.

PLUSS is funded by the Erasmus+ Sport program and is promoted by EGLSF, in partnership with the German Sport University of Koln, the International Centre of Ethic in Sports, the Croatian “Queer Sport Split”, the Belgium “Out for the Win”, the Hungarian “Atlasz Sport Club”, the Slovenian “Out in Slovenia”, the German “Team München” and the Danish “Pan Idræt København”