Sunday, April 23rd, Q Sports Romania hosted a Basketball 3on3 Meet-up in Bucharest, Romania. The games were held at Sport Arena Bucharest a well-know facility for big 3on3 basketball tournaments in the country.

The meet-up consisted of a 3 hour event made up of a round robin competition with the top 2 teams (in terms of wins) playing against each other in a very tight final. In total we had 5 teams competing (15 players), with different backgrounds and ages. You can see pictures from the games here


Video of the big final here

And pictures taken after the tournament here

As tournament hosts we were happy to provide an opportunity for the LGBTQIA+ community to get together but were also pleased that some players outside the community, who were already on the court when we had arrived, decided to join us. Even though at first they were not quite sure what the event was about, they were open to participating even after hearing it was an LGBT+ community event.

Our mother organization MosaiQ provided sponsorship for the hiring of the courts, certificates for the top 3 teams and a small prize for the best team.