Hungary, April 12-16, 2017

Edgar, our treasurer, recently visited Budapest to meet with our Eastern European members to discuss with them how the EGLSF can give them support.

During the visit he met up with 3 members from Atlasz SC, and members from ILGA-Europe, who were on a financial training course. Daniel Waliduda, a former EGLSF board member, Istvan Manheim and Szalbolcs gave some constructive feedback on how, and what we could do for them.

Going forward, the board will meet in Amsterdam in 2 weeks time to discuss in detail the practical side of the support we can give our Eastern European members, and to dedicate a board member to building strong relations with the region.

As ILGA were holding the training it was also a great opportunity for Edgar to inform the delegation about the work of the EGLSF, and had many interesting discussions with members from Q Sport Sarajevo, LGBTI Equal Rights Association for Western Balkans and Turkey, and an ILGA member from Montenegro.

Now we will build on the weekend, and have already discussed Atlasz’s potential participation in next years AGA in Copenhagen.

Thank you to all the Atlasz members, Daniel, Istvan and Szalbolcs for all you assistance to make this trip so worth while.