Amsterdam tournament: Sinterklaas tournament volleyball

True to tradition also in 2009 Netzo organises a volleyball tournament around the Saint Nicolaas' birthday. This year it will take place on

Saturday 28 november.

Our Sinterklaas tournament is always plentifully pleasant.
Plentiful because lots of men teams and lots of of women teams participate: you can most probably play on the level of your choice. Because there are participants from many different countries: you might make surprising contacts.
Pleasant because we all volleyball together in one sports centre: you can watch matches in other levels and have a drink with someone outside of your own team. Because we manage to find special [...]

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Future LGBT sports: Open Session II

A special open session, devoted to discussions regarding the Future of LGBT Sport and Culture followed the Federation of Gay Games (FGG) assembly on October 2. The session followed the workshop organized by the FGG at the invitation of World Outgames 2009 during the Copenhagen human rights conference.

During that conference, more than 30 persons from sports clubs and federations, including the FGG, Gay & Lesbian International Sport Association (GLISA), and European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF), concluded that their common goal should be a single international quadrennial sports and culture event, including a human rights conference. Those present urged [...]

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FGG Assembly and Gay Games

Between 26th September and 1st October, the Federation of Gay Games (FGG) held its Annual Meeting in Cologne. One of the most exciting topics on the agenda was the selection of the Gay Games 2014 organisers. Among the three final candidates - Boston, Massachusetts, Cleveland, Ohio, and Washington, D.C. (all USA), Cleveland's bid was the most successful. Another important part were the FGG Board elections. The new 20-member board comes from Europe, USA and Australia.

EGLSF male Co president, Pepe García Vázquez attended this meeting on 1st October. He exchanged views with FGG representatives, mostly concerning the future of LGBT sport. [...]

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FARE & EGLSF: An open letter to Marcello Lippi

Since its inception in 1989 the European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation has fought for the rights of gays and lesbians in sport. 20 years on we remain committed to this cause. And, with the help of organisations like the Football Against Racism Europe (FARE) network, and a membership base of over 30,000 people, we’re confident we can continue to make positive strides to ensure football, and sport in general, is open and accessible to all regardless of sexual preference.

There is, however, much work to be done. Homophobic behaviour is still evident in football. This notion was reinforced in a [...]

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LGBTIQ athlete nomination: Athlete of the Year

Compete, the Gay Sports Magazine (formerly Sports Out Loud), is calling for nominations for the 2009 Athlete of the Year award.

You can nominate yourself, or another LGBTIQ athlete (with their concession); the requirements are commitment to personal achievement, active participation in individual or team sport, commitment to supporting/encouraging others in sports, commitment to the LGBT sporting community and/or LGBT community.

Bridget Pettis, David Bromstad, Sarah Burke, Evan Darling, and Jeff Kagan are the Final Judges selecting the 2009 Athlete of the Year. For details and rules, please see the website. The applications must be submitted by October 6, 2009.


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