València will host the Gay Games in 2026, an event held every four years that promotes equality, diversity and inclusion through sport and culture. Its basic principles are participation, inclusion and personal best performance.

EGLSF has collaborated in 2023 with the GGVLC2026 organising committee to promote the event in a variety of activities and LGBTIQ+ sporting events:

  • EGLSF AGA 2023 in Munich
  • EuroGames Bern 2023 and the film-documentary ‘Building a Movement: the Making of EuroGames’
  • Gay Games 2023 held simultaneously in Hong Kong and Guadalajara (Mexico).

After this year's fantastic events, Valencia continues to build excitement to host an event that will feature 39 sports and many cultural events.

GGVLC2026 Team at the EuroGames Bern 2023