We are very excited to present the new EGLSF logo!

EGLSF was founded over 30 years ago and the logo has been with us since then. A different time, when our sole focus was the EuroGames event and our community centered on gay and lesbian participation.

As times have changed, so has our community, and the EGLSF focus has diversified along with the visibility in our community. 

While EuroGames is still central to ELGSF commitment to the LGBTQI sporting community, we have taken on a larger advocacy role. We believe that the new logo needed to reflect this evolution in a way that would maintain the strength and history of the brand, while evolving to simply use EGLSF in the logo

Logo inspiration

The logo and brand reflect the mission and aspirations of EGLSF as an organisation, offering a fresh, elegant and dynamic look.

The logo is easy to use on all types of material, surface or medium, and creates contingency and continuity of branding materials and the overall consistent look and feel of EGLSF as a brand.

Designed with purpose

The logo is designed with sporting purpose at heart and, while preserving the spirit of EGLSF and its members, it gives it a more attractive and modern touch. The style of the logo itself encompasses the image of an athletics track and the EuroGames star establishes a stronger connection between the EuroGames and the EGLSF as its the licence holder. 

Logo variations

The new EGLSF logo includes variations:

A Pride edition and a monocolor dark version, in keeping with our graphic charter for use on lighter backgrounds. 

All versions of the new EGLSF logo are available for download to all EGLSF members. Please note that no modification of the brand is allowed.

Download Here
Download Here
Download Here