In France, after the meetings with the national Ministry of Sport, chaired by the Secretary of Sport Mrs Rama Yade, the participating parties agreed on a national charter against homophobia in sports. On October 23, the French Rugby League was the first national federation to officially sign the charter: The national sports federations and associations, the leagues, clubs, associations, public institutions or other bodies that sign the present charter are committed to:

1. Explicitly recognize and homophobia as a form of discrimination contrary to the universal principles of the protection of human rights.

2. Repudiate and take appropriate sanctions against any homophobic attitude, whether manifested in discriminatory behavior or by verbal or physical abuse or abusive language on the grounds of real or supposed sexual orientation.

3. Promote diversity in sport and disseminate messages of tolerance, respect and dignity, while systematically including sexual orientation and the fight against homophobia.

4. Provide assistance and support to athletes, coaches and other people involved in sport who may be harassed, insulted or ostracized because of their actual or perceived sexual orientation.

5. Develop educational courses on the fight against all forms of discrimination, including homophobia, aimed at all those involved in sport: educators and coaches must prevent or stop any form of discrimination, and must be trained to do so.

6. Identify acts of homophobia and report them regularly to the Ministry of Sports (national unit for the prevention of violence and discrimination in sport) in order to monitor the evolution of behavior in sport and to adjust actions to be undertaken.

Other national sports federations have already announced their intent to sign the charter: Basketball, amateur Football, Judo, Karate, Rugby Union, Tennis and Wrestling.