DFB President Theo Zwanziger, German
national league player Philipp Lahm
and Tanja Walther, the representative of
the European Gay and Lesbian Sport
Federation, were awarded with the
“Tolerantia Preis” to commemorate their
achievements in their work on tolerance
and against discrimination.

The awards were given to the recipients
on September 7, 2008 in front of 20.000
people in the LTU Arena stadium in
Dusseldorf by Bastian Finke, head of
the gay anti-violence project MANEO.
The award is presented each year in
France, Poland and Germany to honour
people who are committed to fight against
discrimination, hatred and violence.

Tanja Walther and Dr. Zwanziger were
awarded for their advocacy work in the
fight against homophobia in sports.
Philipp Lahm has been given the award
for publicly condemning discrimination of
homosexuals in football.