The EGLSF board meeting was held from 17-19 May in Warsaw at Lambda Warsaw which organises the Warsaw Queer Week (the week before Pride) and offers individual and group counselling for queer people in various life situations, such as coming out or sexual identity.

EGLSF would like to thank Lambda for their cooperation in allowing the board to use their facilities for the board meeting.

The topics of the board meeting were the reorganisation and redistribution of tasks, along with the new board members. 

As part of this reorganisation, it was decided that Bo Madsen will act as ‘Head of EuroGames Development’. 

An update was given on the respective stands for the EuroGames 2024 and 2025, as well as details on the contract for the EuroGames Cardiff.

A review of the EGLSF strategy was also initiated; the Board intends to examine to what extent it needs to be adapted to the evolving circumstances and the results of the various projects.

On Saturday the EGLSF team went out for dinner and then finished the evening in a bar. Unfortunately, a meeting with Volup could not take place, as many Board members were out of town due to the long weekend.