Following the presentation at the Annual General Assembly of the European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation in March in Split, the EGLSF Board would like to give more information about one of the projects funded by the EU commission.

EGLSF has been funded by the European Commission to put together good practice guidance on LGBT inclusion and the prevention of discrimination and prejudice based on gender expression and sexuality. The guidance will target International Governing Bodies of the following sports: football, basketball, ice hockey, handball, cycling, swimming, volleyball.

As an LGBT sports person or organisation in one of these fields, we invite you to contribute to this guidance. In sharing your expertise and experience we hope that you can help ensure the guidance is both relevant and useful. In fact we view your input as essential to making the fact sheets of real value to sports governing bodies across Europe. Our aim with this guidance is to change the way that governing bodies think and act right from the grassroots level to the elite so that more LGBT people both participate inand fulfil their potential in your sport. Your contribution will form the basis of this guidance which will be passed to all national governing bodies across Europe.


Each guide will have two main sections: an introduction and the guidance itself.

- Introduction -
Aim: create a persuasive case about why the guidance is necessary, helpful and should be utilised

- Key facts and figures about LGBT people - giving readers a basic understanding of the size and shape of the LGBT population and their participation as players, fans, coaches and administrators in sport
- Discrimination against LGBT people - how discrimination effects LGBT people and their participation in sport
- Personal stories - personal narratives about how discrimination effects LGBT sports people

- Guidance -
Aim: to give governing bodies practical advice about how to prevent discrimination and promote inclusion

- Key terms (explaining LGBT)
- What is homophobia, biphobia and transphobia?
- How can homophobia, biphobia and transphobia manifest? (making readers aware of how discrimination manifests in their sport)
- Advice broken down into the main functions of the governing body and the shape of the sport e.g. governance, regulation, elite level competition, grassroots participation


You can help in two ways. You can:

1. Contribute to the introduction: write a short biography about your experience of discrimination in your sport, and/or why you think governing bodies need to do more. The more personal you can make it, the more compelling it will be.

2. Shape the guidance: give your feedback about what you think governing bodies can do to tackle discrimination in your sport and make it more inclusive.


1. To contribute to the introduction
Please write a maximum of 300 words accompanied by a picture of you. Send this to by Friday 21st September.

2. To shape the guidance
Please answer in as much detail as possible the following questions:

a) How do hompohobia, biphobia and transphobia manifest in your sport?
b) What should your sport do to tackle discrimination and make itself inclusive of LGBT people?
c) What examples of projects or practices have you seen that have worked?

Alternatively, if you would like to give your information in the form of an interview, please email and this can be arranged.

Please send through your feedback or arrange for your interview to be completed by the 21st September.

If you know of anyone else who might be interested in helping, please pass on this information.

Thank you in advance for your help and for your continued stand for LGBT people to fulfil their potential in sport.