November 19, 2021 – November 21, 2021 all-day
Branislav Fidler

VOLLEYBALL + FLOORBALL + BADMINTON + RUNNING friends are warmly invited to LGBTI tournaments "Lotos Cup Bratislava 2021" :-)

Already the 9th edition of our international LGBTI sport event will take place in autumn Bratislava again. Main playing day will be Saturday (20 November 2021), ending with "Lotos Cup Afterparty". We recommend to you to arrive on Friday because of accreditation and to avoid time stress. Mixed teams are very much welcomed. In case you do not have the whole team available, players can register also individually and we assign them to other teams.

- Volleyball: https://forms.gle/C6kVX9fmuo6CLw5w9
- Floorball: https://forms.gle/qebF5fCaQBbCpXmp9
- Badminton: https://forms.gle/EdZzxpcdjyxnPhcVA
- Night Run: https://forms.gle/PieFfApPnoLVrKNh6

Please do not hesitate to contact Organizing Committee via info@lotosovekvety.sk, our facebook .../lotosovekvety or instagram account @lotosovekvety. We will be glad to help you with registration or provide any other details.

Let's have sport and fun together in Bratislava!