EuroGames 2015

Stockholm Investigation Report


EuroGames Stockholm 2015 took place between August 5th - 9th in 2015 with a wide array of activities including 28 sports, political workshops, art exhibitions, festivities and ceremonies.

During the EuroGames of 2015 there were a number of complaints messaged to the board of the EGLSF and to the host committee from the participants of the games. These complaints consisted of concerns over the age groups in track and field and running, lack of information regarding the running of a number of tournaments, lack of starting lists for the swimming competition and the cancellation of the triathlon event. These complaints were received from the 31st of July to the 8th of August.


The board of the EGLSF, who is the Licensor of the EuroGames, decided to investigate each one of these complaints in order to come to a complete understanding as to why so many issues occurred. A dedicated email address was created so that participants could email their experiences directly to the board, and any other comments found on social media platforms were also recorded. From the conclusions drawn from this investigation the board has put in place recommendations for future EuroGames host committees to ensure that the games will be the best possible experience for each participant.

You can view the report here EuroGames 2015 Investigation