On August the 5th, a delegation of about 40 athletes, medallists at the Eurogames of Barcelona, were received for the first time by Gianfranco Fini, President of the Italian House of Representatives, and leader of the most right wing party in the current center-right Italian government. The reception was asked for by Anna Paola Concia, congresswoman for the Democratic Party and gold medallist herself in the tennis tournament of the EuroGames. Pepe García Vásquez, the male co-president of EGLSF was also present at the reception. Most of the athletes received were members of Gay Sport Italia (GSI), a newly created umbrella organization which includes about 15 teams and sportive Italian associations. The final (unofficial) tally of the medals won by Italian athletes at the last Eurogames is 59, of which 24 golds (10 in swimming, 9 in track and field, 2 in volleyball, 2 in tennis, 1 in synchronized swimming), with other medals won in beach volleyball, football and golf.