After launching Barcelona EuroGames registration, end of December, we have been receiving messages from some of you concerning mostly problems with registration as such, the irregularities and scarcity of places in some sports and the different limits of participants for men and women.

First, we want to present our apology for all these inconveniences, on behalf of EGLSF Board and on behalf of Barcelona organisers, as well.

The EGLSF Board is in permanent contact with Barcelona organisers and they are trying intensively to find the best solutions of the technical problems regarding registration.

About sports, Barcelona team is looking for solutions of the problems encountered and trying to enlarge the places available for some key sport as tennis and badminton.

Concerning the issue the difference of limits of participants between men and women, it is really annoying that these limitations are put in the information regarding sports. There was no any kind of incorrect will in it. Barcelona organisers tried to reflect, from a practical point of view, what has happened in previous EuroGames. But we agree; that is not acceptable. So, these mistakes will be corrected as soon as possible and it will be not discrimination of this kind at the moment of accepting registrations.

Regarding contacting the organisers, please note the correct punctuation in the email address of the organisers: Please also note the updated text in FAQ for most common difficulties.

EGLSF Board will meet this weekend in Budapest and we will review and analyse the situation in details. We will then contact you again.

We would like to make a call to your patience and understanding. We are humans, we make mistakes and we correct them. We would like to remind you as well that any edition of EuroGames is different from the others, with specific problems and challenges. And in order to face them, the organisers also need the support of LGBT sport community, mostly of EGLSF members.

EuroGames and EGLSF work is a common endeavour that need to assure its continuity with the commitment and generosity of all of us. A commitment and generosity that all EuroGames organisers have shown and are showing now in order to produce a singular and unique experience.

Thank you for your time and attention and accept once again our best wishes for the New Year.

Pepe García Vázquez
EGLSF Co President
On behalf of EGLSF Board