More than 5.000 people had followed the call of Panteres Grogues to go South and play with them. Nearly 40% of the participants were women, a share appreciated very much – may the share be 50% at the next EuroGames! That goal may only be reached by paying more attention to women on all levels within EGLSF, in all member clubs.<br />

The board wants to express its gratitude towards the organizers of EuroGames 2008. Not very many years ago, Spain formed part of the EGLSF outreach area; hence the board considers it a major step forward for LGBT sport in Europe that a member club in Spain has succeeded in organizing EuroGames. Furthermore, the board congratulates and thanks all participants for going South and for following the slogan of EGLSF, i.e. showing fair play and tolerance to everybody.

At the wonderful opening ceremony at the Olympic stadium in Barcelona, you may have noticed that the EGLSF flag worn by the EGLSF board was the first to enter before the athletes walked in. EGLSF is licensing EuroGames - there will be no EuroGames without EGLSF, without you as members.

In cooperation with EGLSF, the organizers of EuroGames 2008 organized a conference on human rights linked to LGBT rights and lives. Around 70 people attended the conference, among them representatives of several institutions and governing bodies. The Barcelona declaration was presented and discussed, and the results of those discussions will be the final declaration, which we will report on shortly.