French TV network Canal Plus will be broadcasting two special shows devoted to LGBT sport on January 4. The program will be made up of two documentaries commissioned for the evening.

The first, Sport et homosexualités: c'est quoi le problème? (sport and homosexuality: what's the problem?) was directed by César-award winner Michel Royer, and was supported by the FGG. The film presents various aspects of sport and homosexuality, starting with the obstacles for elite athletes to come out. Among the athletes featured in this section is Matthew Mitcham, who opens and closes the film. Another section of the film deals with LGBT sport, and in particular the Gay Games. The film is rich and dense, touching on the history of gay and lesbian athletes, reminding us of some forgotten victims of discrimination, and introducing us to new heroes. Important insight from people outside the LGBT community is offered by former international rugby player Serge Simon and football star Lilian Thuram.

The second film, Ramène tes fesses à Copenhague! (get yourself to Copenhagen) is much lighter. It takes the form of a faux reality TV show which sees three young straight men from the French suburbs go to the 2009 Outgames, where they have to compete each day in challenges which lead them to question their own prejudices about homosexuals and sport.

It's very entertaining, and everyone's looking forward to having the millions of subscribers to Canal Plus being able to enjoy these two films.